View Full Version : Nine shots later at 4am...

03-23-2005, 12:31 PM
1. the scourge of every sea

2. It was a console kick/ban

3. We were having pistols only and knife only rounds and some people chose to violate those agreed-upon conditions. I got a little frustrated and threw around some words that I shouldn't have. Kick 1. So I go back on and, a few shots later, I do it again. Kick 2. Call me hard-headed (or drunk). Even still, I'm having a great time on the server. It's hard to find good ones in the early hours of the morning, but thats when I like to play the most. Now, the last kick is pretty silly. One of my fellow Ts on cs_office was holding an M4 near a hostage and somehow my brain put the two together into some sort of mutant siamese twin CT... I fired. All three bullets from the glock's burst shot entered the unsuspecting middle-aged businessman's forehead at 200 MPH and before I could even see the splatter on the wall I was kick/banned. Exact words from the friend I was playing with: "Man, you just HAD to ruin the server for us, didn't you?"

4. I was drunk? :(

Do I need to include my Steam ID for this, by the way?

03-23-2005, 03:10 PM
Was there anybody in the server with "-pd-" in their name? Or similar?

And yes, your SteamID is required