View Full Version : Oops =\

03-25-2005, 04:00 PM
So I was banned for saying "****" after being shot 5 seconds after spawn... hmm so I was gonna see if you guys could unban me =\ sorry aboot that forgot it was one of those non-cussing servers =\

Correction I said "****ttttttttttttt" (4 letter word starts with S)

My Steamname is same name as here guys...

I enjoy playing on your guy's server and such, met some pretty cool people who are regulars on it and we can get a good game going, sucks that uh I got banned :(

Thanks for reading hopefully we can work something out ^_^

And I was banned by the bot O_o

Edit: oh figured out the ID thing lemme get it:


Edit again:


1. Strange_Will
2. Admin-Bot :(
3. Language
4. Meh honest mistake/anger at CSS :( sorry guys don't mean to foul up your server with my language