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Hi my name is R3F0RM3D and i have been playing on your server for a about a month and i ahve noticed quite a few ppl that just don't understand things. ex. like don't go in respawn infected..... and there is one guy that keeps blocking the respwn door witha dispencer so you can't open it. I think since i havn't seen any admin on the server that hopefully you guys can do something. That is why i am applying for admin cause i do come play at your server alot. In the mean time if you could please ban this guy cause every time i have been to your server at night time he is there and it is the same problem. If you guys have some one to deal with this then here is his steam id STEAM_0:0:3295613 1:01:56 this is at 10:30 moutain time. his name is jjjjjjj....... and the other times he has used other names. But if you could please ban him he is just a pain. If you would like to get abck to me about admin i would be more then happy to enforce the proper rules of FF. i have played FF since it came out and i am an old school tfc'er i ahve been playing tfc since 99. I know my steam id won't show it but i know how to be an admin and i don't fart around i just use it to keep the server running smoothly with no peoblems.

Thank you for your time look forward to hearing from you soon.


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