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Old 12-21-2004
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Default IMPORTANT: Server Rules -Last Update Dec 21, 2004

Server Rules

  1. There is to be no vulgarity/sex-oriented sprays or remarks said or typed in the server what-so-ever.
  2. There is to be no disputing against or toward other players, an administrator's decisions or an administrator's actions while in the server. All complaints are to be posted upon at
  3. There is to be no cheating by way of other person(s), entities, software, programs, or any other item or matter that alters the normal game play thereof.
  4. There is to be no spamming of words, typed or spoken, in the server. This includes music over a mic, off and-on repetition, or executing commands in excess.
  5. There is to be no advertising on the server which include, but are not limited to URL addresses and IP addresses. The only accepted advertisements are that of Phillips Data and it's affiliates.
  6. There is to be no degrading or offensive remarks spoken, typed, or otherwise insinuated upon toward Phillips Data and it's affiliates.
  7. There is to be no change made to the server and it's operations by anyone at any time, what-so-ever.
  8. There is to be no degrading or offensive remarks, spoken, typed or otherwise insinuated upon toward any players or administrators that reside in or out of the server at any time.

  1. All administrators must abide by and enforce the rules of the server(s).
  2. No administrator shall use the powers given to them for personal use, benefit, or advantage for either themselves or another inside or outside of the server.
  3. No administrator shall use their administrative privileges in excess.
  4. No administrator shall flood the server with commands.
  5. No administrator shall interrupt the game play of a player with visual effects or otherwise use of administrator privileges without sufficient reason of them having broken a rule(s) whereupon they may be punished accordingly.
  6. Administrators shall not execute commands upon other administrators under any circumstance.
  7. No administrator may impersonate another player or administrator while inside or outside of the server.
  8. No administrator shall regard themselves as above the rules.
  9. Each administrator shall carry out the rules of the server as is capable by them in the server while adhering to the rules themselves.
  10. All administrators are to record demo(s) and/or take screen shot(s) prior to the banishment of a player and to present them to the members of the High Court for review.
  11. All administrators must use their designated administrator tag and name while in the server, or sacrifice the use of their administrative privileges until doing so.
  12. Administrators shall not execute commands against members of the High Court under any circumstance
  13. All administrators shall yield the use of their administrative powers while a High Court member(s) resides in-game.
  14. No administrator shall alter any server settings what-so-ever.

High Court:
  1. The High Court of administrators resides as the highest law, rule-making body, as well as the highest enforcers for all of Phillips Data Gaming.
  2. All disputes, questions, problems, and server or forum related issues will be settled by the High Court.
  3. Members reside as the highest administrator(s) while in the server(s) and other administrators must stand down.
  4. Members may choose to use or not to use their designated administrative tag and name in-game while assuming the role of an administrator.

Phillips Data
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Old 12-21-2004
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Thumbs up I Like, I Like, I Like

Very very good rules!!! As long as everything is upheld and there is a 3,5,7 person high court then it's all cool so as they can make desissions.

But yea these look sick.
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Old 12-21-2004
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14 just needs a bit of a clarification. Server settings to include map and/or timelimit? Seeing as how those are sometimes altered as per public demand.

I can see putting that in to prevent an admin from potentionally screwing up sensititive commands, but is it to include ALL server altering commands?

Other then that, everything seems solid. My only concern is rules admin 6 and 12.

Lets face it, we're all here to have fun, and that sometimes includes executing a few commands on it noclip or godmode, or so on. Are these rules going to be a bit fluid based upon circumstances? Example being late at night were only regulars and admins are on and we have some noclip knife fights or messing around burying eachother and so on...

Obviously I can see the need for such a rule, in the past I've seen admins take retribution upon eachother by abusing their and so pissed me off so I'll slay'em, or they're camping this area, which I think is unfair, so I'll team_slay them....stuff like that can't be allowed, but will this be punished when its all "fun and games" ? When in a more private setting of course, these kind of things obviously won't go on while the server is full.
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Old 12-22-2004
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on my server anyone who uses no-clip, godmode or anything similar looses their admin on the spot. when you have a full server those commands do nothing but piss people off and when you have a relatively empty server it makes people not want to stay for long.

i think those particular rules are pretty clear.. don't use your admin on another admin period. if an admin wants no clip he can do it himself.
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Old 12-22-2004
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btw rules look good hm..when i get home i will look at my admin rules and see if there is anything that may apply here.
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Old 12-22-2004
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here are the rules we sent out to our admins. you have pretty much everything covered except #6

Admin Rules:

As an UrbanMerc admin you represent everyone in the UrbanMerc server community. Any mistreatment of admin, or disrespect by you as admins will result in a lesser view of us as a clan, and community. therefor we have a few rules, and wish that they be followed. We have trust in you all and dont think that mistreatment will be much of a problem. But to keep order in the server, here are the guidelines we would like all admins to follow

1) Treat everyone with respect
- We are not asking for you all to be perfect angels, just be aware of what you are saying, and to whom its to. Being a part of UrbanMerc is being a part of something great, and with that your actions reflect back on the rest of the clan.

2) Admins are nothing more then regular players with the ability to keep the game fun for everyone and ban cheaters.

3) Only use admin when needed
- The less you use admin the less likely you are to abuse. Constant commands, ex. Slap, Slay, Map Changes. the more you use them, the less enjoyable it is for everyone else. Admins should not use admin unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, this includes csays, tsays and vsays.

4) Make sure when you are using your admin its for the good of the server, and not the good of yourself...
-Feel free to gag, llama, slay, or slap just as long as there is a g00d reason for it. Like someone not doing their objective. Just try to give warnings first, that way its not such a suprise to noobs who dont know what to do. Also we ask that if you are going to change map, first do a admin_vote_map. If that fails and you think the map should be changed ask the server what they think or just do an admin_vsay Different map? or Change to de_dust? this will give the people who are playing the right to choose as well. We dont want the admins to be choosing just what they want.

5) Be fair in your decision to use admin
-goes along with #3, make sure there is a good reason for the admin_command you are using

6) If you are in a bad mood or having a bad day, its best to just not sign into admin.
-I know we all have those days that we are not in the mood to take any **** from anybody, but these are the days when you are most likely to use admin in ways it shouldnt be used. When your pissed you are more likely to take it out on everyone else, so we ask that if you are to play when in a ****ty mood, then dont use your admin.

7) Use admin chat before doing any big admin commands.
- I say this because i know that not everyone is always using the alias we know them by, and if we have 4 admins in the server all under different names, map changes, and other admin commands might come as a suprise to them, so just make sure you use admin_chat before making a drastic change

8) It is ok to play incognito, but if commands are being run and noone is fessing up to them you need to make yourself known, you don't have to do it in public. admin_chat is fine. this will help elliminate accusations and help keep everyone happy.
(see rule #6)

9) Have fun
- Admin can be a bitch sometimes, and it can be a pain to have the responsibility. These rules werent meant to take away any of the fun. They are meant to keep the server at its best, and to keep everyone who plays here happy. Enjoy yourself, Use your admin to make the server a better place, and we will all have fun.
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Old 04-08-2005
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Does every member get admin?
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